Post-Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Reconstruction- Repairing the Wound

Dr Sanjay Bhambri is also trained in reconstructive procedures and often will perform the necessary reconstruction to repair the wound.

As soon as the affected area is declared cancer-free, Dr Bhambri will discusses post-surgical options with you such as:

  • a small, simple wound may be allowed to heal on its own.

  • a slightly larger wound may be closed with stitches.

  • larger wounds may require a skin graft or a flap.

  • if the tumor is very large, another surgeon with special skills may be called upon to assist with reconstruction.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery Post-Surgical Management

Post-surgical check-ups are recommended in order to monitor the patient's progress and spot any possible cancer recurrence in a timely manner.

Since two of five patients with one skin cancer will develop another within five years, follow up is extremely important for early detection of any new lesions.