Open Wound (click here for a pdf version)

Please click here for a list of wound care supplies that you will need (pdf version).

  • No strenuous activity for 48 hours.

  • Resume moderate activity after 48 hours.

  • No heavy exercising for 2 weeks.

  • No aspirin or other over the counter products that contain aspirin and other blood thinners for 48 hours. Take Tylenol or aspirin free pain relievers as needed for discomfort.

  • Continue taking all prescribed medication.

  • No alcoholic beverages for 48 hours

  • Remove bandage in 24 hours

Wound Care After 24 Hours:

  • Clean area with tap water.

  • Dry the wound.

  • Apply Vaseline ointment to the wound.

  • Cover the wound with a fresh bandage.

  • Note: Covered wounds heal faster and with a better cosmetic result.

Wound Healing

  • One week after surgery a pink/red halo will form around the outside of the wound. This is new skin.

  • The center of the wound will appear yellowish white and produce some drainage.

  • The pink halo will slowly migrate in toward the center of the wound until the wound is covered with new shiny pink skin.

  • It will take six months to one year for the redness to fade.

  • The scar may be itchy, tight and sensitive to extreme temperatures for a year after the surgery.

  • Massaging the area several times a day for several minutes after the wound is completely healed will help the scar soften and normalize faster.